Football - Centennial vs. Santiago

The stadium was packed. The food was good. The game was even better.

Centennial High School’s annual football faceoff against Santiago on the Battle of Rimpau ended 61-14, in Centennial’s favor. Led to victory by Centennial’s awesome offense, three touchdowns were scored in the first quarter, with another three to follow in the second quarter, bringing the score total by half-time to 42-7. Following the homecoming halftime show, Centennial’s Quarterback, Tanner McKee (Sr), continued his stellar performance, while defense kept the pressure high on Santiago, resulting in an all out victory for the Huskies! This marks the 21st time in a row, that Centennial has beaten Santiago and remained the undefeated victor of the Battle of Rimpau.

Key players on the Husky Lineup included, previously mentioned Quarterback, Tanner McKee, who had 20 total completions and passed a total of 308 yards. He is currently nationally ranked at #4 and plays Boys’ Volleyball in the off-season. Camron Pitcher (Sr) and Zach Otero (Sr), got a total of 10 tackles each in the game, helping to block the sharks from making any real offensive progress. Octavio Cortes (Jr) led his team with a total of 3 touchdowns and 18 points in the game. Thomas Kinslow (Jr), meanwhile, carried the ball 11 times and rushed it a total of 53 yards forward.

Before the game, a tailgate party was held on the tennis court for anyone who wished to show up and reserve their seat early. Included were refreshments and bounce houses with other activities for everyone. Several students made costumes and coined the phrase, “We are eating Sushi tonight!”, in honor of our rivals, the Sharks.


Centennial's halftime show began with a headline from our Huskies Marching Alliance. Each graduating class also performed in front of their banners, while a larger end performance also took place. Culminated with the fireworks, coming from behind the stands, it was a high-energy spectacle, with some of Centennial's best talent at hand. By the end we had crowned a new homecoming court, with the addition of the Senior Class king and queen. <- i dont know their names And, for the second year in a row, Centennial had won the Chick-Fil-A fundraiser, with everyone in the home-side stands getting a free meal as a reward.

In the Husky stands, crowds were decked out in black attire to show support and our pep-rally section, Dawg Pound, kept the night alive, cheering for the team. Cheerleaders dressed as flight attendants, to match the theme homecoming theme of LA living. On the floor, funnel cake, popcorn, or a variety of other snacks could be bought. By the end of the game, it's safe to assume most Huskies got what they came for!