Handsom Devils vs. Canadiens - Sept. 11th

Today, our local hockey team, Handsome Devils BN had their first game with the Canadiens at LA Kings IceTown, The Handsome Devils won the game, 6 to 5. The Canadiens are currently ranked number 2 team out of the 8 teams in Bronze North division.

For those who don’t know, Ice Hockey has 3 periods in one game, each period lasts 20 minutes and because it’s adult league the time will never be stopped/paused until the period is over or it is the last 2 minutes of the last period. In the first period, Brian Boynton from the Canadiens had scored the first goal of the game 4:39 minutes into it, followed by Mike Dutcher from the Handsome Devils, who scored the second goal of the game at 15:49 minutes and Christian Ibscher (also from the Handsome Devils) who scored the second goal for his team with 1:31 minutes on the clock. As the end of the first period approached, Steven Stokich from the Canadiens scored with 50 seconds left, but then Ryan Smotrys had scored for The Handsome Devil with only 2 second on the clock! Ending with a 3-2, The Handsome Devils were in the lead!

After the third period, both team tied were at 5-5. The game move onto a Shoot Out*.
Handsome Devils scored twice in a row without letting the Canadiens score at all! Coming home with a win of 6-5! Good job to our Goalie Justin Morton and all the players that were there, and this marks our Hockey Sports event of the week Huskies! Have a great rest of the week!

*Shoot Out: a period of time when one player from one team and the goalie from the other team go onto the ice. The player with the puck has to skate down to the goalie and try to score without skating back while he/she moving forwards. To win the game, one of the team has to score three goals in total or score twice in a row without letting the other team score.