Fusion 1 Recap

Fusion 1, a dance that merged schools from the Corona-Norco Unified School District, was a bonafide success. The school dance was at the March Field Air Force Museum in Riverside, where students could see historic airplanes and fighter jets as they were pulling into the parking lot. Cars were attracted to the throbbing lights of the tents. Helpers checked off anxious students from the list. People gasped at the line of sleek pool tables and the clank of poker chips as people lost it all. As nervous freshman eased into the venue, they could hear the distant sound of music. They followed the line of swaying bodies to the energetic dance floor, watching in amusement as girls from Santiago shouted the words to their favorite song. Or, Roosevelt boys jumped up and down screaming the words to that same song.

            The intense sound of ruffled clothes and smell body sweat isn't the only thing Fusion 1 had to offer. There was still the loud squeals of the girls bouncing up and down Euro Bungee Jumping. The yell of victory was heard as a friend won the extremely serious inflatable bouncy house obstacle course. Freshly applied henna could be smelled, with brown spirals swirling up their arms. Friends posed for a goofy picture in the photo area. The one kid who ate his 50 dollars in strawberry ice cream and popcorn. The dramatic sigh on the girl that achieved 12th place on Mario Cart in the video game trucks.

            Fusion 1 was an ultimate success at merging these different schools and creating an amazing party environment by having many different activities that would interest all types of students. When the doors to Fusion 1 finally closed, boys left with sweat running down their forehead and girls left with shoes in their hand, leaning on their best friend.