MYP El Rescate Field Trips

Dana Point

The Dana Point field trip yielded the entirety of the freshmen in the MYP Program. They hiked across a very steep and rocky trail to get from station to station. There were three different stations that groups would rotate from every hour. Each station had a different teacher and a different subject to focus on.

The first station was with the PE teacher, Ms. Hill. They practiced a group choreographed dance that would be performed on El Rescate display day, March 22. The second station was with the MYP Spanish teacher, Mr. Ganahl (he goes by the title, Profe). At this station, everyone would sit on the rocks and fill out a storyboard paper about our experiences with the field trip. The last station was with the IB Biology teachers. At the last station, we had to pick certain tide pools on the beach and identify and count various sea creatures.

Hidden Valley

Only half of the IB freshmen went on this field trip on one week, while the rest of them stayed at school for a field day. The next week, the groups would switch places. Everyone brought their solar ovens and water filters that they made at home and tested them at the Hidden Valley field trip. The solar oven was tested by its ability to cook an egg.

The other part of this field trip was performing a song in either Spanish, French, or both. Each group wrote and rehearsed their song at their own time. The songs were performed in front of the IB World Language teachers, Profe and Madame Castro. After the songs, each group was sent by the math teachers to wayfind and hike long trail. The directions were all written in degree format and steps, so a compass had to wayfind. After a certain amount of steps, there would be a math problem that had to be solved in order to recieve the next set of directions.

In-Field Day

The in-field day was a series of activities set up by the IB teachers. These activities included everything from transporting water to making fire to making a stretcher out of rope. The first activity was transporting water. Each group had a limited amount of time to get as much water as possible across the field, from one water bucket to another. They had to race across the field in order to not lose any water, using a few half pipes. The next activity was making a stretcher out of nothing but one, long rope. After each group made their ‘stretcher’, they had to carry one of their teammates from one spot to another with the rope. After this, groups learned how to perform triage. There were several victims performing a scenario and groups had to decide which victims needed priority based on what injuries they had. After learning triage, each group got time to practice and record their dance for display day. Finally, the groups tried to make a fire that would be a large enough to burn through a string using only three matches, twigs, and leaves.