Centennial Marching Band @ LA County Fair

On Friday, September 8, the Centennial Huskies Marching Alliance performed their first parade of the 2017-2018 marching season at the LA County Fair. The parade was an outstanding performance and a great way to begin their season.

          The band left Centennial High School at 2:00 PM to arrive at 4:00 PM and prepare for a 5:30 PM performance. Before the Husky Marching Alliance performed, many other guests or groups made appearances, such as the Wells Fargo Community heroes, Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon, the Whittier City Council, Rowland Heights City Council, Senior Pathfinders of Rowland Heights, the STC float, and even local firetrucks, just to name a few. Sequentially, the Centennial Huskies Marching Alliance proceeded through the parade route, unanimously and skillfully playing the theme song for this year (“King Cotton”) and marching a distance of almost a mile.

         Pit and Clarinet player Sarah Alaniz voiced comments about her feelings towards the beginning of the new season; “This year is going to be great because there are so many events we have entered and qualified for. The marching skills are coming along and I know we will be getting better as we go further in the season.” The Husky Marching Alliance, have not yet received their placement results for their outstanding performance at the fair. The Marching Alliance’s foreseen success on the field and in parades is no doubt due to their intense and demanding practices: Monday’s and Thursday’s 3-6 p.m., Tuesday’s 6-9 p.m., and even occasional Saturdays practices from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m. This year, the Marching band (including Color Guard) stands at 110 participants.

          The Husky Marching Alliance’s next parade performance is at Disneyland, Monday, October 9th, but you can continue supporting the band via their field show at the Centennial’s home Football games, as well as Harvest Festival in October.  

The hard work and discipline is paying off band members, keep it up and your success is imminent!