Triumph and Tragedy: History Day 2019: Centennial at CNUSD National History Day

Every year, National History Day gives students the opportunity to indulge their interest in a particular person or historical event that coincides with the year’s theme. This year, the theme was Triumph and Tragedy; students were expected to research a related topic of their choice and present their findings in the form of a historical paper, documentary, website, performance or exhibit. Students at Centennial who completed a History Day project and advanced on to the district level represented our school on February 2 at Ramirez Intermediate. Our competitors presented their projects- which included significant topics like the Amritsar Massacre and the Anti-Sikh Genocide- to a group of judges and afterwards, along with their family members and staff, attended the awards ceremony. The amazing Centennial students who will be advancing on to the county level county are:

Group Documentary

Dararith Sao, Esteban Charry, Emiliano Ambriz, Vincent Ramos

The Cambodian Genocide

Individual Exhibit

Japleen Kaur

Anti-Sikh Genocide

Group Exhibit

Huma Khan, Marian Walker

Nelly Bly

Cristi Meyers, Arti Patel

The Amritsar Massacre

Group Performance

Malika Nindra, Analynn Lechien, Kyle Taplin, Emily Valenzuela

Edouard Manet

Individual Exhibit

Maricela Lopez

Stanford Prison Project

Inidividual Documentary

Janzen Molina

Ferdinand Marcos

Group Website

Nadya Hernandez, Shanzay, Purva Savalia

The Partition of India

Congratulations to all our champions and good luck at the Riverside County History Day competition on March 16!