Unity Forum

Centennial held another Unity Forum on November 7 th , and it was eye opening experience for everyone involved. For those who don’t know, a Unity Forum is an all-day event in the media center that students can sign up or be recommended- the goalof these Forums are to bring people of different backgrounds together to share experiences and open others to new perspectives. The event takes place during the entire school day, so attending caused me to miss class, but it was worth it. During the Forum, we learned about the 5 stages of the what’s called the Prejudice Pyramid. Staring from verbal (at the bottom) to avoidance, discrimination, violence and then lastly murder/genocide. We did different activities based on each of the stages that helped us understand one another and why prejudice/discrimination occurs- they showed us what a person might go through to cause these views, for example. Though some of us were silent throughout the process, others became more involved, and the Unity leaders used skits to communicate their ideas and make the whole event more fun. Attending the Forum was ultimately a valuable experience to me and something I’d recommend to anyone. I ended up learning a lot about people who were previously strangers to me, and I saw many different views on society and the world as a whole. Seeing others’ perspectives on things I believe in opened my eyes to others’ values and the reasoning to why they view the world in a certain way, and I now believe that although we may all have differing views on the world, it’s important to accept this and understand others’ perspectives.