Basketball Game 1/26/18

Cen10’s Wildest Basketball Game Yet!

Centennial played an intense game against Roosevelt High School this past Friday (1/26)- the two teams were neck-and-neck for most of the game, but Centennial managed to pull ahead in the last few minutes! Here’s an overview of the game and our players:



#3: Byers - made some shots here and there

#4: Davis - scored us the most points!

#10: Moffat - helped gain some points

#11: Dawson - scored us a few points

#21: McBride - passed to teammates and scored a significant amount

With players already taking non-stop shots, drums banging and cymbals crashing from our band, Roosevelt was right to feel fear entering C’s House. In the first quarter, McBride and Davis opened up with nothing but net, but Roosevelt wasn’t far behind- towards the middle of the quarter, Byers made a shot, immediately followed by Davis faking out his opponents and scoring a three-pointer. Dawson scored, and Davis kept it coming, stealing the ball from Roosevelt and making a clean throw.

Entering the second quarter, both teams were tied at 19 points. Parker managed to bring Centennial up to the lead, and in a close call, Byers slammed into his opponent and flung the ball out of Roosevelt’s hands. The game was looking really tight by the end of the quarter with both teams at 27 points each. Of course, the Halftime Show followed the second quarter, and the crowd was rallied up with excitement from a phenomenal performance by Centennial’s very own Step Team and Cheer Squad, some of the greatest dance/cheer teams in the city!

Things weren’t looking good for Centennial into the third quarter- the score was 33-39, but Byers gave the team hope with a successful alley-oop. Moffatt passed the ball to McBride, ending the feat with a grand slam (dunk)! Keeping the ball, McBride worked to bring the score to 39-45. Dawson managed to fake out and maneuver through Roosevelt players and swish, he shoots and scores!

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, the Huskies were getting ready to round up their ponies, but the score was still 50-50. The entire quarter was extremely close, with Centennial bringing their score up to 55-52 and Roosevelt responding with a tight 59-59 with two minutes left in the game. In the end, however, the Centennial Huskies whooped the Mustangs back into their stables with a final score of 63-59!


The Highlight

Roosevelt makes free throws twice

For Centennial things aren’t lookin’ so nice

Score’s even and what can we do?

Then, Davis comes from outta the blue

The man has the ball in his hands,

He dodges the steals like a dance.

Jukes them out with spins of grace,

Soon to slap Roosevelt with another L in the face.

Davis is ready to take his shot,

Acting quickly, on the spot,

The ball’s in the air, and in the hoop it’ll drop

He scores and puts Cen10 on top.