Preseason Anaheim Ducks V.S Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the new NHL draft team tof the Pacific division. As a new team, The VGK (Vegas Golden Knights) had their first preseason game at Honda Center in Anaheim, and take home their first win against the Anaheim Ducks with the final score of 4-2. I had the honor of attending this Game on Sunday the 24th.

To be very honest I was expected to see the VGK being a not so well-rounded team because they are only a new team of the year. This game has proven me I was wrong.

Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury's (#29) save percentage from his VGK career so far is .909. Before he was drafted to the VGK, he was drafted into the Pittsburgh Penguins. At the time, his career save percentage was .912. Now lets look at the ANA (Anaheim Ducks) goalie John Gibson (#36). At the age of 24, his previous season saving percentage of 2016-2017 was .924, while his saving percentage for career was .922. Overall both teams, it is clear to me that Gibson was better then Fleury.

In this preseason game both teams Player to watch are listed below:

VGK                                       ANA

1st period:

T. Pulkkinen                           NONE

J. Bischoff

2nd period: 

T. Hyka                                   S. Sabourin

3rd period: 

P. Bellemare                           G. Flore


M. Fleury                                J. Gibson


1st Period

During the 1st period VGK scored 2 goals: the first scored by T. Pulkkinen, drafted 2010 by DET (Detroit Red Wings) picked on 4th round 21st (111th overall). He scored 13 goals in his career from 2013-2017. Pulkkinen scored the goal on the power play, with a slap shot*. The 2nd goal from VGK was scored by J. Bischoff, the new player who just got chosen into the VGK through the rookie league. With his rookie league experience in the season of 2016-2017 in the University of Minnesota and (total of 5 goals scored and 27 assist (total points of 32)), Bischoff scored his first goal in the game against ANA with a powerful slap shot*. It started with an explosive speed cut through the traffic and into the net. Sadly, ANA didn’t score any goals in their first period into the game. Quick thoughts: the Ducks looked like they weren’t very ready; for example, many of the players were off from their passes to each. Overall, it was great.

2nd Period

In the second period, VGK player T. Hyka scored the first goal (he scored what it looks like Griffin Reinhart’s shot and Hyka tips in the shot with his skates) with assists from #8 G. Reinhart and #77 B. Hunt. Not so long later, ANA player S. Sabourin scored their first goal of the game with a back-hand goal**.

Quick Thoughts: The Ducks have some penalties from the two periods they have two so far. The Knights have 4 penalties from the two periods in this game. Two of Ducks's goals attempted to hit the bar when I was watching. I jumped and thought we scored until I heard it was a false goal.

3rd Period

Third period was the longest period without any goals until 14:41 minutes into the period, when a goal was scored by P. Bellemare from VGK. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (#41, age 32) has only played three seasons so far! From 2014-2017, he is probably one of the oldest players in NHL and is still playing. From his previous season, he scored 4 goals and 4 assists, with a total points of 8. The second goal of the 3rd period was scored by G. Flore from ANA with only 25 seconds left on the clock.

Overall rating of the game

  1. VGK is actually a great team overall

  2. ANA aren’t having a great game overall

  3. There were couple passes that failed to pass to the other player from the ducks

  4. Overall all the game was AMAZING and the players were very cool! Rate 9.5/10