Patriot's Day - 2017

On September 11th, 2001, the United States was faced with an attack that became one of the most tragic events in our history.  Over the course of a few hours, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were hit by two planes and fell to the ground, taking the lives of almost 3,000 people and injuring thousands of others.  However, in the middle of this tragedy and pain, incredible acts of bravery and sacrifice emerged. The police officers, EMTs, and firefighters who responded to 9/11 valiantly risked their lives and sometimes gave them, to help the victims. And no one can forget the passengers of Flight 93 who died stopping another plane from hitting Washington DC.  

This Monday is Patriot Day, marking sixteen years since the September 11th attacks.  None of the students here at Centennial High can remember that day, but we still appreciate everything that the first responders did to help, and we still grieve for those who passed away.  

Let’s take this day to remember the thousands of innocent lives lost in the September 11th attacks in 2001, and honor the courageous first responders who sacrificed so much for the victims. 

Let’s offer our support to those who may have lost friends or family in the attacks. 

On Monday, come to school dressed in red, white and blue to make sure we never forget 9/11.