Pre-Festival Choir Concert

            On Thursday, March 16, 2017, all four of Centennial’s choirs held a performance before their competition. This pre-festival concert showcased Centennial’s Contemporary choir, Concert choir, Treble choir, and Madrigal choir. Treble and Madrigals performed the songs they would compete with in San Francisco, while Contemporary and Concert performed their Quarter 3 pieces.

            The first two performances were presented by Centennial’s Contemporary choir. The opening song they sung was “Dancing Queen” by ABBA with an all-girls group. Their choreography was filled with fun poses and dances. Throughout all the dancing, this group sustained harmonies that filled the entirety performing arts center. The second performance by the Contemporary choir was to the song “C’mon Everybody” from the musical, All Shook Up. This performance had a larger number of people in it, but just as much fun with the choreography and harmonies.

            The next performance was done by Centennial’s Concert Choir. Since this choir does not compete in San Francisco, they performed a medley of the musical, Into the Woods. This medley featured songs such as the “Prologue”, “I Know Things Now”, “No One is Alone”. The soloists featured in this performance were Katherine Varela and Victor Smith.

            The two competing choirs, Treble and Madrigals, performed their sets for their upcoming competition. Treble’s lineup of songs was “Ricevete”, an Italian piece by Mozart; “Anyone Can Sing”, by Andrea Ramsey; and “I Shall Not Be Moved”, a gospel piece by Rollo Dilworth. The Centennial Treble Choir did an amazing job with their set, with impeccable diction and beautiful crescendos and decrescendos. Madrigals lineup of songs was “Confutatis”, a Latin piece by Mozart; “Total Praise”, by Richard Smallwood; and “Ubi Caritas”, by Ola Gjeilo. The Centennial Madrigals did not fall flat on their notes and executed every song with perfect intensity and everything in sync from notes to syllables.