BN Handsome Devils vs. BN Wranglers

Oct 22 Hockey.png

On Monday, the 16th, at 10:05pm the Bronze North had their weekly game at the LA Ice Town. Here are your weekly Hockey highlights!


*The Wranglers are currently placed last in the Bronze North level with a 14 points scored, while The Handsome Devils are currently placed 5th out of 8 in the Bronze North level.

Players to look at:

Handsome Devils                   Wranglers

1st period:

Ryan Gilstrap #15                   Tyler McCarty #97

2nd period: 

Michael Lipchik #81                Ian Hare #15

3rd period: 

Mike Dutcher #53                   David Herd #16

Glen Alciatore #11

1st Period

9:13 minutes into the game, Ryan Gilstrap from the Handsome Devils has scored their first goal with the assist of Mike Dutcher, Ryan used his slap shots after Mike Dutcher passed him the puck. 16:51 seconds in Tyler McCarty from the Wrangler scored their first goal, too!

2nd period

After a quick minute off from the first period, second period started. Very quickly, Tyler McCarty scored again, setting the Wranglers in the lead. A little less than 2 minutes later, the Wrangler scored again. This time it was scored by Ian Hare. Current score: 3-1, a very dangerous situation for the handsome Devils; they will need to score two goals in the next period assuming the other team won’t score. With only 57 seconds on the clock, Mike Dutcher scored with Ryan Gilstrap’s assist. The Handsome devils successful bring the current score to 3-2,  with the Wranglers still in the lead.

3rd Period  

As soon as the third period started, the Handsome Devils had a great push. Ethan Atkins and Travis Burgess worked together to push down to Wrangler’s defensive zone. Mike Dutcher scored from the Handsome Devils with the assist from Ryan Gilstrap again, tying up the game.

With only 19 minutes on the clock, whoever took the lead would win this game! 12:29 minutes into the game, the Wranglers scored their 4th goal. David Herd scored the goal with the assist of Ian Hare setting the score to 4-3. Three minutes later, Ryan Gilstrap from the Handsome devils scored his second goal of the night without any assist now the game is tied AGAIN! With only 9 minutes and 25 seconds on the clock, if the Handsome Devils could score again and break the tie, they would have a big chance of winning tonight’s game. Glen Alciatore from the handsome Devils scored their 5th goal and successfully broke the tie and the game ended with the final score of 5-4 giving a win for the Handsome Devils!

DID YOU KNOW: That in most hockey games, Home players wear white or light-colored jerseys, while the Guest will often wear black or dark jerseys?