Teacher Tag - Mr. Rivera

This week, we interviewed chemistry teacher Mr. David Rivera. Mr. Rivera is dedicated to his job and has been teaching at Centennial for his entire 10 year career. He developed a passion for chemistry in high school after his teacher wanted to kick him out of the classroom and he took his job as a challenge to do his best and to prove he could succeed. Around our school, he has a reputation of being friendly. He has advice for students looking to pursue careers in chemistry: ‘’Make sure you can handle working with chemicals and you have confidence around them’’.

He prides himself on the family dynamics in his classroom which is shown through his annual ‘’Mole Day’’. Mole Day is his celebration of a unit in chemistry that began as an opportunity to team build and get closer to his students. If Mr. Rivera wasn’t a chemistry teacher, he would like to be in the NBA.

Some interesting facts about him are that his favorite TV show is The Wonder Years and although he couldn’t pick a favorite movie, he really likes the film Rounders. He also considers both sushi and ceviche as his favorite foods. He shared a unique fact, ‘’I was shot, fun fact’’. During the interview, he stayed lighthearted.

Mr. Skaggs has been nominated next week for Teacher Tag.