Phil Visits the Riverside Astronomical Society (RAS)

The Riverside Astronomical Society (RAS) is a group of amateur astronomers who want to

spread the love of astronomy to southern California. The RAS is composed of people of all ages,

old and young who discuss and explore everything from telescopes, moons, planets, and the rest

of the galaxy. They meet up every month on the 16th at La Sierra University, where they usually

have a short 30-45 minute presentation followed by an interactive segment. The RAS is open to

anyone regardless of your age or astronomical experience, there’s always something for

everyone. They even have guest speakers from renowned universities such as Caltech, UCLA,

and Berkeley. Along with events, the RAS also hosts many competitions where members are

assigned projects and whoever does the best wins prizes, including gift cards, telescopes, and

even money for some of the larger projects. It doesn’t take much to join either, only a small fee

of about $20. It’s a great opportunity to meet people in the field of astronomy and to meet people

with the same interests as you.

Phil Hanna