Future Heroes? What’s That?

Future Heroes is one of the newer clubs on campus, and it’s a must-see! The club was founded by Westin Montano in August of 2017 in response to growing concern over public security. The club focuses on teaching students the importance of being prepared in an array of emergencies such natural disasters, robberies, or handling strokes etc. There are hopes of inviting more guest speakers to talk to members about the importance of emergency preparedness in their lives- last fall, for example, a retired LAPD officer was invited to speak about how being prepared for dangerous situations helped him in his career, and his talk really resonated with members.

Recently, the club has also expanded its focus to include more academic subjects. On December 6th , Future Heroes hosted its first College Application Prep Course, in which about 20 students attended. Free pizza was offered this time- the club has had potlucks for its members in the past, and the club’s officers are planning to have more in the future. In the spring, thec lub will have an El Rescate Prep Program, which addresses the concerns IBMYP freshmen have with El Rescate.

Future Heroes meets every other Thursday during first lunch in Room 112 (Ms. Nault’s room). They welcome all grades and encourage members to bring their friends and food.

Westin Montano