Club Spotlight - K-Pop Club

1. What usually happens at the meetings? (What's the routine when u get there).

“The routine is that all of the officers get into the classroom  first while members wait outside. During this time we set up the PowerPoint and recap of who is saying what. After we quickly recap we let all the members in and we start the meeting”

2. What's the difference between the club and the Dancing? (If all the club members are dancers or not).

“The difference between the club and the dances is that... the club is made to educate people on the Korean culture but mostly on the entertainment aspect of the culture. To show that K-pop is for everyone and anyone in all shapes and sizes. Plus trying to stray away from the rude nickname some give us, which is "Koreaboo Club". Now the dances are us performing for/at the school events that require a performance. Also, not all the members are dancers, and the dancing is not mandatory. If any of the members want to perform, then they would need audition. Auditions are held by our choreographers.

3. What do you talk about in the meetings?

“During our meeting we talk about upcoming school events, socials to get closer to each other as a family, club shirts, K-pop industry stuff.”

4. Where do you meet?

“We meet in Room 421 on Mondays after school.”

5. How many members are in the club?

“We have around 20-30 members in the club”