Teacher Tag - Mr. Martinez

Welcome to the new Teacher Tag series, featuring the angelic interviewer JR and the ever-so-plucky recorder, Dar. In this series, we interview teachers around campus to get a more personal look into their lives and to get insights into their profession. Last week, we interviewed Mr. Martinez, who was previously tagged by Mr. Rivera. Our interview was light-hearted and jovial, and we really enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk with him!

Below is not an exact transcript of the interview- rather, it’s been paraphrased by me for brevity and to maintain the tone of the interview.

 Q1: What is your full name, and what subjects do you teach?

A1: My full name is Ralph Martinez, and I teach US History and coach boys’ soccer.

Q2: For how many years have you been teaching, and how many of those have been at Centennial?

A2: This is currently my 12th year teaching, and I’ve taught for 9 years at Centennial. Before I came here, I had an awesome time teaching at Auburndale Intermediate.

Q3: Why do you choose to teach history?

A3: When I was younger, both my mother and my 8th grade history teachers were driving forces in developing my interest in history, and I wanted to further that interest. I have to give a shout-out to my past history teachers Mr. Hernandez and Mr. White.

Q4: What is your favorite TV show and movie?

A4: My favorite show is a reality TV show called Alone, where some dudes get left alone in the wilderness and must survive- the last one standing receives $500,000. I don’t really have a favorite movie, but my favorite genre is comedy. I enjoy films with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up.

Q5: Entrée wise, I don’t really have a favorite food, but I do love chips and salsa. However, my favorite fruit is watermelon- this one time I ate a half watermelon in a day and finished it the next. I don’t regret it one bit.

Q6: If you couldn’t teach, what occupation would you take up?

A6: I would have a job involving the great outdoors, preferably something along the lines of a park ranger or field biologist. I love nature, and if I had to choose between enjoying the fresh breeze outside or sitting indoors with recycled and cooled air, I would choose the former.

Q7: Who do you nominate for the next Teacher Tag?

A7: I nominate Mr. Bosquez and/or Mr. Vanderwier.