Teacher Tag - Ms. Baranowski


We interviewed Ms. Baranowski this week for Teacher Tag. She is the video production teacher at Centennial High School and runs Station H, the Friday video announcements.

Every week, we will interview a new teacher or staff member here at Centennial High, and at the end of their interview, we ask them to "tag" another teacher for us to interview. Teacher Tag lets you get to know your teachers and staff members better.

Question: Introduce yourself; what is your name and the subject you teach here?

Answer: My name is Darlene Baranowski and I teach TV/Video Digital Media Production.

Q: So, how many years have you been teaching? And how many of those years were at Centennial?

A: I have been teaching for 10 years overall and 7 of those years were at Centennial.

Q: Why did you choose Digital Media Production as a profession?

A: I love storytelling and I think that film is one of the best ways to touch people on an emotional level.

Q: What is your favorite TV show and favorite movie?

A: My favorite TV show is Community, and my favorite movie is Rushmore.

Q: What's your favorite food/snack?

A: Turkey sandwiches.

Q: What would you do if you couldn't teach?

A: I would probably be working in the film industry— either by owning my own business or working on movies.

Q: And finally, who would you like to "tag" next?

A: Mr. Rivera.