What If Week

What If Week is a spirit week commemorated to the questions that pose a solution to current social issues throughout the world.  

  • On Monday, the theme is “What if we kept it positive?”, referring students to take the opportunity to look on the brighter side of life.  There will be a sea of balloons during the lunches, and positive messages will be written by students onto the balloons.
  • On Tuesday, the theme is “What if everyone cared?”, encouraging the concerns for others as one would have for oneself.  There will be compliments all around the school campus, a specific compliment wall, compliment grams to be sold, and compliments given during passing periods to liven up anyone’s day!
  • On Wednesday, the theme is “What if gender didn’t matter?”, referring back to consistent sexism and discrimination against different genders.  After a long continuous patriarchal practice by most of the world, this theme emphasizes that both men and women should be treated as equals, and which ever you are born as does not matter.  For this day, boys are to wear pink, and girls are to wear blue.  There will also be community guest speakers.
  • On Thursday, the theme is “What if you really knew me?”, emphasizing the importance to get to know someone’s personality and background before having prejudice against him or her.  Clips will be played all over campus, and all students will receive a card to write anonymously starting with, “If you really knew me, you would know…”
  • On Friday, the theme is “What if there were no obstacles?”, displaying that life can be lived with the less obstacles we choose to make.  There will be an inflatable obstacle course in the 900 quad, and students will write down a personal obstacle they have to face while placing it in a small box to carry throughout the course.  At the end, there will be a Q&A.