League of Legends - Review

League of Legends, or LOL, has became a household name among gamers. In a few short years, it has beaten World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft in popularity, and has been dominating the gamer community with rabid fans. League of Legends has created a professional league in which professional players go head to head with millions watching and millions of dollars as game prizes. League of Legends professional events are the most watched game league. This success is due to League of Legends is popularity. Is the hype for League of Legends worth it? League of Legends itself doesn't cost any money, a free to play game, which allows a bigger and a more forgiving audience.

The base gameplay for League of Legends is simple; in teams of 5, to win, you take down turrets until you hit the enemies' nexus or core. In order to take these turrets down, you play against a certain champion that has a set of skills, which help deal damage against other players and turrets. The map is divided into three lanes, which minions or small AI periodically go down and fight for you. The map has a forest section with monsters lurking. Once killed, the monsters give a boost and experience (exp) to the killer. The map also has a market at each respawn base that give items which in turn gives buffs through in-game money (earned through killing enemies and minions).

League of Legends is multiplayer game (MMORPG), which requires a reliable internet connection to play as there is no offline opinion. This all sounds simple and easy and doesn't explain for much of its success as many other RPGs. In reality, against a real team composed of humans, it is very hard to win. Although the base game is not complex, players have to think of intricate strategies that encompass certain positions around the map, such as strategies for certain champions. The game is very competitive, as the speed of your clicks and your abilities to dodge and predict where the enemy is going to do will be tested. This is compounded with the fact that the game also has a ranked league, where players are ranked depending on their performance and winning total during the game. A player gets ranked lower in the ranking system if they perform poorly or lose the game.

League of Legends has a very competitive community, which in turn can lead to fierce disagreements among players. However, it is also addicting as the rush and action of the game makes you want to win. Whether it’s the child or person that taunts you whenever you die, or the beginner that makes you pull your hair out due to the mistakes that they are making, the gameplay makes it worth it when you win or you manage to pull off a trick that you see only professional players pull off. For some gamers such as sports gamers, LOL will not suit them as it is not a sport game, nor does it have as much action as Call of Duty and Battlefield 4. Most, if not all times, League of Legends is very fun, rewarding, and highly recommended to play if you pursue RPGs.