Europa Universalis 4 - Review

EU4 (Europa Universalis 4) is a grand strategy game in which a player can control a historical nation from the Late Medieval ages to the Napoleonic era. EU4 came out in August 2013 and has released 10 DLC’s up today.

EU4 has released a new expansion, the Mandate of Heaven. It adds many new features, such as traits for your "ruler" and expansion of the state system. Expansions such as these begs the question: is EU4 still good and is DLC needed? EU4 is in no way a new game as it has been in circulation about 3 and a half years and in a world where 2 years in circulation is considered old, EU4 is still in circulation and is still relevant as the development team has no plans in stopping the evolution of EU4.

Since the three years from its release, the game has matured and has acquired a niche audience who continue to support the game, including myself. For fans of the Civilization Series, this game is perfect as it presents a grand strategy from a historical point of view. Although many of the features from Civ and EU4 are different, yet the core feature, such as state building, are still present. EU4 includes religion and historical backgrounds. This differentiates it from Civilization as EU4 is more historically based and accurate thus making this game unique among grand strategy games. As the game has matured, it has further distanced itself from Civilization series with content like institutions that address some problems EU4 contained.

DLC’s are not included in the initial price of the game, but the development team has continuously put in features included in the vanilla version. In the past, this has caused much disagreement between the development team and its community. Currently, the development team has strived to correct this by adding many features in each DLC to make it more fair. Although this is compounded with the fact that there are only a few features in some of the DLCs that many feel are worth the price, they are needed to continuously advance the game. Many veteran players recommend that you should buy this game when Steam enters its annual Summer Sale while many of the items are discounted. In my opinion, I recommend that you should buy all the DLCs, as the vanilla version of this game is good. With a few DLCs, EU4 becomes a magical and historical journey throughout time.  

The development team of EU4 has also listened to much of its community, and unlike many other games, has implemented various changes to improve gameplay. This makes the game feel modern and updated as universal complaints and concerns are addressed in subsequent expansions and updates. This all accumulates to an ever shifting game where many of its gameplay is never “old” and every new expansions brings a breath of fresh air, allowing it to compete with other new grand strategy games. If you feel that you would be interested in this game, it is highly recommended and will make you lose hours on end.