Thor: Ragnarok Review


On Friday, November 3, 2017, Marvel released their third Thor movie and the second-to-last film of their franchise before the long and anticipated Avengers: Infinity War Part I.

In the movie, we see Thor battle out with his long lost sister, Hela, goddess of death. The entire time he battles, he tries to avoid ‘Ragnarok’, otherwise known as the apocalypse of his planet, Asgard. Along the way to get to his sister to defeat her, he stumbles across Bruce Banner, stuck in his Hulk form, and forms a bond with his brother, Loki, as well as a Valkyrie. In the end, however, Thor realizes that Ragnarok cannot be stopped, but that does not mean the end of Asgard because Asgard is not merely a place, but is the people.

Although the film was extremely action-packed and comedic, there were many advances made for the Marvel cinematic plotline as well as character storylines. We get to see Loki, Thor’s brother, experience the most character development, which was one of the best parts of the film. Loki, although still a god of mischief, learns that he could be more than just the god of mischief. He learns to cooperate with his brother and bonds with him in the process, becoming his right hand man as Thor finally decides to take after his father, Odin’s death and claim his rightful position as king of Asgard.

We also catch a glimpse of what happens to one of the infinity stones that will likely be the one to kick off Infinity War. The Tesseract was the very first infinity stone to ever be introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe and it was kept in Odin’s vault for protection from Thanos, until Asgard blew up in Ragnarok. In the chaos of the fighting, Loki manages to take the Tesseract with him as the people of Asgard escape, but in the second post-credits scene we see Thanos’s ship hover over Thor’s, hinting that this will be the first battle we see in Infinity War.

Overall, this movie was fun-filled and something the whole family can enjoy. The most memorable moments were Thor’s encounter with another Marvel character, Doctor Steven Strange, his battle with a Hulk (who does not remember him), and the final battle with Hela.

Chloe Santos