A Halloween Classic - Monster House

By Leon Liu

With Halloween just around the corner in about a week or so, many people have already planned out their night. Usually, we would go trick-or-treating to help ourselves to some free candy or go and hang out with some friends and start pranking people. But with news and rumors about killer clowns, psychotic gun-wielding maniacs, and kidnappers driving red pickup trucks, this year's Halloween may just have been ruined. However, people may tend to stay home and watch horror movies, a very common thing to do if you're not a fan of dressing up and practically begging for candy by ringing doorbells and whatnot. And that's where Monster House comes in.

This movie was set during a time about maybe three or two days away from Halloween. The movie's main protagonist is DJ (played by Mitchel Musso), your average pre-teen who has this habit of spying on his neighbor, a grouchy old man named Mr. Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi). In the movie, his parents leave for a business trip and DJ is joined by two sidekicks. The first being his best friend Chowder (Sam Lerner) and the second being a top honor-roll girl named Jenny (Spencer Locke). After DJ "manslaughters" Mr. Nebbercracker, the strange ghoulish phenomenons of Nebbercracker's house appear, mostly haunting DJ and his friends.

Now, to me, I think this movie can be a great classic. I personally give it a 7 out of 10 because it isn't that perfect, but it is still good nonetheless. The concept of a house eating people is actually well thought out, the plot was great, some of the humor was cheesy, but still great. However, there are still some questions I ask myself whenever I watch this movie. For instance, the parents go on a business trip and don't return until the end of the movie. To me, shouldn't the police that appear halfway in the movie have gotten contact with them when they planned to arrest them? And hold up, shouldn't these pre-teens go to juvenile hall instead of jail? 

There are many more plot holes you can find when you watch this, but I still want to point out some of the great use of creativity in the movie plot. The storywriters actually managed to make 12-year old children actually able to construct a creative plan in order to stop the house. We had some jump scares like any Halloween movie and the creativity on the monster's design itself was clever. Even the backstory behind why the Monster House was created  was very well-thought out and dramatic. If you want to know about what kind of movie I'm talking about, you should watch it yourself. Although it wasn't well-known, it should be considered as one of the top picks for children's horror movies. After all, many people seem to recall such a movie. Not only do I claim it, but also many others have claimed this movie as a major part of their childhood. It's worth a pickup and if you don't like it, it's fine...just don't go spying on suspicious neighbors with creaky houses...