5 Tips to Improve Grades

So you wanna improve your grades, huh? Well, here we’ll be addressing five ways to help you work harder and earn straight As:

1. Always write in your agenda:
Make use of an agenda or planner to organize your activities. After every class, take the time to write down what you did in that class as well as any homework or assignments you may have so you can stay accountable- be specific! Your school-issued agenda may be sufficient if you can make use of its limited space, but it might be necessary to go out and buy a larger one.


2. Make a schedule
At the end of the day, or on your way home, it’s important to be able to make a schedule of things you need to get done. Start a list with the easiest things to do at the top so you can get smaller assignments out of the way, then make your way down to more difficult or time consuming tasks that need to be done so you can allocate enough time for them. It might be helpful to make timeslots for each assignment so you can help yourself stay on track- for example, if I had math homework with 20 problems, I might schedule 30 minutes to finish that assignment.

3. Get rid of all distractions
You can get to work as soon as you’ve organized the tasks you need to complete and you have a schedule to follow to complete them. In the meantime, get rid of all distractions that might put you off task. Examples include silencing and removing your phone from your body, turning off music, or choosing to work in a quieter location without distractions (electronics).

4. Talk to your teachers
Talking to teachers can be scary, but it’s important to realize that they’re there to help you if you’re struggling in a certain subject. Maintaining good relationships with your teacher can help you in the long run, so it's better to be connected with them and endure whatever discomfort comes with it than it is to fail their class.

5. Take a moment for yourself
Let me explain what I mean by this: when stress piles up, it’s important to budget time for yourself to reflect- perhaps dedicate some time to relax at the end of the night and simply think to yourself about everything that has happened that day. Find ways to improve your work ethic, and think about what you need to do in order to be successful. It sounds very cliché, but it does help to consider what you can do to improve yourself as a person.

Well, those are 5 ways that will hopefully help you achieve the grade you want. It's not hard unless YOU make it hard for yourself. You are capable of anything if you set your mind to it!