Your Finals Tips

Are finals coming up? Do you need a great way to prepare for your test? Use these tips to up your study game!


  • DON’T CRAM! Try to study a little bit everyday, making sure to increase the amount of time you spend studying as the test approaches. You won’t need to waste an entire afternoon cramming and in the end you will retain the facts better.


  • TAKE NOTES AND READ THEM! Make sure to take notes on each section in class and be sure to review them afterwards. Ask your teacher if there is anything you don’t quite understand and on the bright side, you get a sneak “preview” of the test by checking out your classwork.


  • REVIEW OLDER INFORMATION! Be sure to review older information and understand it before you move on to new topics. In most cases the older information will provide a great foundation and help you better understand the newer, more complicated topics.


  • OUTLINE! Take your notes and write an outline about them. This is a great resource to quickly look over before any test and should give you a brief, yet concentrated dose of information. This is only a supplement and you should still view your notes for any smaller details.


  • STUDY TIME! Choose a time of day when you are most calm and ready to relax. In most cases studying right before bed will better help you remember the information for the morning. Make sure to remove all distractions and turn off your cellphone or else you aren’t really studying!


  • BREATHE! Remember, your final does not decide your entire school career and in most cases it will just be a review of the topics your class has already covered for the semester.
Blake Torres